Arizer Extreme Q - The Volcano Alternative!

Arizer Extreme Q - The Volcano Alternative!

Introducing the Arizer Extreme Q, an award winning desktop vaporizer for Dry Herbs. We call this the $200 Volcano!

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Arizer is a vaporizer company based in Canada, popular for the extreme q, v tower, solo & other vaporizer models. We think this unit brings great value to the marketplace. If you have been dreaming of a Volcano but cant justify the price tag then this unit is for you!

Lets review some of the key features of the Arizer Extreme Q.

- Uses a wall outlet, no charging necessary.
- Comes with a wireless remote control. 
- Fill balloons or use the direct draw whip
- 3 speed fan control
- Precise Temperature Control
- Cool-Blue LED lighting


Ok, thats all great but how does this fit into my lifestyle?

Its quite simple really, first find a suitable location to place your desktop vaporizer, plug it in and pack a bowl. Turn the unit and wait a short amount of time for the unit to reach the set temperature. Once you are at this point you can either install the whip or a balloon and turn the fan on! Prepare for deep couch city :)

Happy Vaping and Stay Up!

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