DIY Rosin with the Rosin Bud M1

DIY Rosin with the Rosin Bud M1

Greetings cannabis enthusiasts! In this post we test out the Rosin Bud M1 in house with great results.

We describe the process, results and expectations of this device. If you own one already this might be a helpful guide if you are having issues or if you are looking for a budget press that actually works, this might help you decide on your purchase. Click here to buy the Rosinbud M1

The Rosin Bud does work well, but some folks may have their expectations too high. The reality is this is a portable unit with 2 inch diameter plates that does well 1 gram at a time. If you want to quickly press a half ounce of cannabis and collect a river of golden rosin you need to move on and spend some real money on proper plates in a cage setup with hydraulics.

That being said, lets get on with the show and make some home made rosin!

Grab some of your homegrown, we chose to grind it up so we don't get any empty pockets in our pre press. If you are wondering why the included pre press is soo small, remember the plates are only 2". if you use something much larger and the pucks are too wide or thick it is very easy for the cannabis to physically push out the sides past the plates and just soak up what ever rosin gets pressed out.

Use all your force to compress the cannabis in the pre press. We found that you should be left with a puck of cannabis about 1/4" thick. Again, using too much cannabis will result in it pushing out the sides, so don't think you can keep adding more cannabis and try to squish a 1" tall puck in the press. It just wont work.

As you can see our puck ends up weighing approximately 1 gram and is roughly 1/4" in height. Purchase a scale here.

Press the power button for about 2 seconds to turn the unit on. It will automatically heat up to 110 Celsius in about 30 seconds. I reduced our temps  to 95 degrees because we are doing our squish longer and aiming for a lighter color. Quickly double tapping the power button resets the timer to 00:00

We used 5x5 RAW Parchment Paper Sheets, the size works well for the application and we placed the puck on the lower plate closer to the hinge because it will want to push out towards the handle.

Using your body weight and 2 hands you can firmly push down on the handle and pump slowly in a CPR type fashion for about 40 seconds

While helping pushing down you can carefully thread in the bolt, we recommend using some sort of lubricant on the threads to prevent damage. If you cant get the bolt to reach try making thinner pucks

Here you can see we run our squish for about a total of 2 min, then again while keeping pressure down on the arm to reduce stress on the threads we remove the bolt with the provided allen key. Be advised that the handles will get hot after repeated use.

Here you can see the squished cannabis chip and all the golden rosin around it.

The squished chip weighing in much less indicating a good yield in rosin. we have been averaging 15-18% return in our trials. Talking with experts we learned that 20% return is a great number so we are actually very pleased with these results.

Using a dab tool or similar scrape and collect the cooled rosin from the parchment paper.

At this point your rosin is ready to go! Vaporize immediately or collect in your favorite non stick storage container.

We hope you find our experience with the Rosinbud M1 helpful! All products seen in the images above are available on our website! Happy squishing

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