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Sneaky Pete


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$42.99 CAD
The Executive is a premium banger for dabbing premium concentrates. Its top has a beveled edge forming a better seal with your carb cap and the weld between the neck and bucket is higher up and worked to a cleaner finish. The Executive features innovative splash-guard walls that catch hot terpy oil as it climbs up during a dab. This design makes the oil drip back down onto a thickened floor that’s made of opaque quartz, so it heats up quickly and retains heat longer. Engineered to be efficient with handling top-shelf extracts, The Executive completely vaporizes all your material and cleans up very nicely afterwards.

All Sneaky Pete bangers are 100% pure GE semiconductor-grade quartz. They're built to handle extreme heat. The buckets are 20mm in diameter and the walls 2mm thick. They are 14mm male (the industry standard) plus the frosted joint finish keeps the banger securely on your rig. General maintenance is easy, use a Q-tip to sop up any leftover oil that you don’t want. Try to avoid overheating, but any crusty stuff can soak in alcohol and scrape off easily. It may take a little practice to get your technique down, but soon you’ll be pulling thick and terpy dabs every time you light the torch.

Use your new banger with our Jet Stream or Bubble Nub carb caps for perfect low-temp dabbing.

Key features:
- Beveled top edge
- 3.5mm opaque floor
- 14mm male frosted joint
- Higher, cleaner neck weld
- Splash-guard bucket walls