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Sneaky Pete


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The Puffco Peak and Peak Pro are unquestionably the best portable concentrate vaporizers on the market; we’re still using ours daily, even after trying out many other similar devices on the market, and we’re not the only ones. Another thing us daily Peak drivers can agree on is that the native water solution is a little underwhelming. It’s time to up your game and bring your Peak or Peak Pro to the next level with the Peaker Recycler.

That’s right, this Recycler makes the Peak Pro even more peak and definitely the pro-est. The dual segment design is emboldened with striking blue accents on the inner dome, as well as the mouthpiece, and increases the water capacity substantially for intense cooling with the bubbliest of filtration. 

The recycling action pulls water back into the main reservoir of the Recycler to keep it flowing through the glass, taming even the largest hits. When drawing on the Peaker, it purrs like a kitten and when you pull harder, you’ll get that considerable recycling action. Couple this functionality with a curved mouthpiece that is much more ergonomic and comfortable to use than the default glass included with the Peak Pro and you’ve got an elite recycler to match the calibre of your Puffco.

We know how much you invested in your Peak or Peak Pro, and honestly, the included glass leaves a lot to be desired. You truly owe it to yourself to pick up the Peaker Recycler for Puffco Peak Pro to get the most out of your investment and take full advantage of everything your vaporizer is capable of.