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Sneaky Pete

Puffco Proxy Water Pipe Adapter

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$29.97 CAD
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$29.97 CAD

 This simple piece lets you use your Proxy through your favourite water piece. The Adapter comes in one of three versions: underside, 45° and 90° varieties. One of the three options will work with literally any type of water piece and the 14mm male joint maximizes compatibility with the majority of pieces on the market.

The Adapter fits nice and tight to the Proxy base and lets you use your device at higher temperatures than you would with the included glass, dry. And you know what comes with higher temperatures? That’s right, bigger hits. This great option is a simple and affordable piece that encourages you to use your Proxy with existing glass rather than buying a specialized piece of glass built specifically for the Proxy.

The Water Pipe Adapter has clear glass that allows you to see the vapour, unlike the original glass.  If you like your Proxy dry, you’ll love it through water.

The Puffco Proxy Water Pipe Adapter is easy to use, just sit the base of the Proxy in the Adapter and twist for a secure connection.

* adapters sold individually without device