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Red Eye Tek

Red Eye Tek - 10" Metallic Terminator Finish Hex Top Beaker Gift Set - Rainbow

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$69.00 CAD
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$80.00 CAD
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$69.00 CAD
Is this what that shifty guy in a dark cloak meant when he said he was going to put a hex on you because if so, you should feel truly blessed. This thing is 10 inches of pure hexagon-necked glory that’s worth any evil curse. The finish alone is enough to sell your soul!
Product Features:
- 100% borosilicate glass
- Hexagonal tube neck
- Beaker base
- Signature diamond pull-out
- Flat mouthpiece
- Clear polished joints

What's Included:
1 x 10" Metallic Terminator Finish Hex Top Beaker (#K3103)
1 x 14mm Metallic Terminator Finish Pull-Out (#KP304)
1 x 115mm Metallic Terminator Finish Downstem (#KTD115)
1 x Silicone Water Pipe Cleaning Caps (#RETCAPPP)
1 x Red Eye Tek® Box