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Utillian 8 Ruby Pearl 5 pack

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Product Description

Helps to extract your dabs more evenly

By using these terp pearls in chambers where you’re able to agitate the airflow like on the Utillian 8 or the Dr. Dabber Switch, you’ll be able to further agitate your dab for a more even extraction. You’ll avoid both pooling and bubbling as your beads roll around the chamber. By using two as recommended, you’ll also be able to add more surface area for your dab to melt and cool the vapor on. If you’ve been looking to take your wax vaporizer vapor to the next level, consider this simple upgrade.

How to use terp pearls

Terp pearls can be used in a variety of vaporizer chambers or glass bangers. Especially with a directional carb cap, they can be used to spin the chamber for a better dabbing session. Depending on the size of your chamber, simply add on or two into the chamber and use them for one or two sessions before taking them out for cleaning.


Whats in the Package:  x5 3mm Ruby Terp Pearls