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$299.99 CAD
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$299.99 CAD

Key Features:

  • All-in-One Vaporizer Solution
  • ArcPod Compatibility
  • Xtruder Included
  • Zeus Hub Included
  • Built in ABV Tray
  • 3500mAh Battery
  • 3 Temperature Presets
  • Goldsink Technology
  • Gold-Plated Heating Chamber
  • Haptic Feedback

The Zeus Arc GTS Hub is a 3rd generation vaporizer that includes everything you need to start vaporizing quickly and conveniently in one tidy package. This is the premium version of the Zeus Arc S Hub and features the gold heating chamber, GoldSink Technology and the ability to load herbs straight into the device or load the ArcPods directly. Thanks to its efficient design, the entire vaporization process is simplified; From grinding and loading ArcPods with the Xtruder, or enjoying the effortless roast of the Zeus Arc GTS, to emptying your vaped herb into the Hub. The Zeus Arc GTS Hub is a convenient 360 solution for all your dry herb needs. The Zeus Arc GTS Hub also includes a complete Zeus Purify Grime Kit.

We should mention that the Zeus Arc GTS is a conduction-style vaporizer, therefore if the best vapor quality is what you’re looking for then a device like the Utillian 722 would be more suitable. Keep in mind that the Zeus Arc GTS, because it works with pre-filled pods is definitely a better option when it comes to convenience and portability.